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Investors and fund-raising support

Blue Sky can provide support for investors in the assessment of new opportunities, as well as offering the key elements necessary to support a company through the fund-raising process.

Working with investors
Investment in the healthcare and life sciences sectors often requires a specialist understanding of the investment opportunity, and the strategic and competitive positioning of the company. Blue Sky has the necessary expertise to support investors in a number of ways ranging from a preliminary opportunity review through to a full evaluation of business plans and investment proposals. We can also support investors in determining appropriate exit strategies, based on an analysis of the business strategy and comparable companies, whether it be through a trade sale, MBO, refinancing or a public listing. Where investors require a detailed strategic review of an investee business, Blue Sky can work with both investors and management to ensure alignment of objectives and goals in building value to shareholders. Finally, we can undertake performance and returns reviews prior to any investment round.

Throughout all of the above we work closely with investors to understand their requirements and to match the opportunity with their investment goals. We work with venture capitalists, high net worth individuals and other specialist funds.

Support for company during fund-raising
We have extensive experience in the preparation of business and financial plans that will support different investment requirements ranging from angel investors to venture capital funding, and to larger scale institutional investment. Central to this process is a clear articulation of the investment proposition, the business strategy to support the value creation opportunity, and its implementation. We provide full supporting documentation for any plan, including business plans and financials, and if required, draft presentations for investors.

Blue Sky can offer assistance in investment profiling to meet the requirements for fund-raising and the expectations of the Board and management. We also provide support throughout the fund-raising process including accompanying management to investor meetings and working with management to secure funding on optimum terms.

An important component in any funding process is a clear pathway towards an exit point for investors. To this end, we can provide exit valuations for a business based upon both internal growth projections and comparator company analysis within the business sector in question.

In all of the above aspects, we work with established companies, SMEs, start-ups and spin-outs.

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