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Blue Sky CS - Strategic reviews
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Strategic reviews

Blue Sky offers a full strategy review process that can cover the whole business or identifiable business segments. Our approach is to engage fully with the Board and senior management to ensure that there is alignment in approach and the development of the strategy review process and outputs.

Any strategic review requires careful framing of the strategic objectives at the outset, coupled with a clear discovery process that sets out the positioning of the business in relation to the market opportunity, competition, internal capabilities and assets, and future trends. The outputs of the discovery process are then used as a basis for the strategy pathway selection, which takes into consideration issues such as exit planning, comparable company analysis and future investment requirements. 

As part of a strategic review we provide a full market and financial analysis to support investment decisions. This will include revenue components, the cost base of the business and a clear valuation methodology. 

We tailor the approach to a strategy review to fit with the needs of the company and recognise that while process is important, it should not lose sight of the key value drivers that the Board and investors will want to see. 

Where the strategic analysis process requires close interaction with the Board and management, Blue Sky can provide on-going preparation and facilitation for strategy review meetings.

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