Business development

Blue Sky offers an end-to-end business development service that ranges from identifying the top-level strategic components required in alliance building to the detailed specifics of any given transaction.
We support the client in forming a business development strategy that can realistically and effectively contribute to business growth and value creation. This incorporates the identification of the most appropriate types of business transaction, including those that offer step-wise change such as through in-licensing and out-licensing activities, to large-scale transactions that are transformational to the business. Blue Sky can also assist in the business development planning cycle, identifying the components, sequences and stages that will build the business and enhance shareholder value.
Dependent upon the type of transaction required we provide market and valuation assessments across products, R&D portfolios and business segments that will help to define the transaction requirements, and the definition of the parameters for any deal terms. Blue Sky will also assist in the identification of the most suitable partners, and provide in-depth analysis of historical activity and strategic fit.
We have experience in assisting in third party discussions and negotiations that reflect the need to develop an effective partnership between the parties and in ensuring that the commercial requirements of any transaction are effectively met. This can cover both heads of terms and more detailed negotiations. We can also help in the drafting of term sheets and licensing agreements to support the negotiation process and final agreement drafting by lawyers.