Management of M&A process

Mergers and acquisitions provide an great opportunity to build shareholder value by:

  • Building critical mass (‘Buy and Build’)
  • Solidifying market position
  • Entering into new synergetic business

They provide significant challenges to management in terms of resourcing, negotiation, deal structure, due diligence, and integration.

We have significant experience in managing the M&A process and can assist management and investors with:
  • Target profiling and selection
  • Financial modelling of the target opportunity to assist management to assess synergies and costs arising from the business combination.
  • Project portfolio assessment with management to identify core projects and those which need to be disposed.
  • Management of the M&A transaction, working with financial and legal advisers to ensure a successful conclusion. We have extensive experience of working with financial advisors, accountants and lawyers during M&A transactions including cross border transactions. However we do not offer a due diligence service to assess the target’s business.