Strategic reviewsIntellectual property review and management

Blue Sky provides intellectual property (IP) review and valuation services. We do not undertake any patent filings or prosecution work, instead focusing on the strategic outputs of an IP strategy. We have extensive experience in IP relating to the life sciences sector as well as in the e-health arena.
Effective management of an intellectual property portfolio is a foundation stone in any commercialisation process. Investment in IP has to be linked to return and it is essential that there is a clear understanding of how the patent estate or other forms of IP such as copyright, provide effective and full coverage of the target technology and products, as well as setting out strategies to mitigate risk from any third party IP.
A well-managed IP portfolio can provide significant long-term benefits in the market, including product life-cycle management and can make significant contributions to the generation of value in a business.
We undertake IP reviews that can focus on the following:
  • An assessment of the IP landscape
  • Portfolio reviews including an assessment of the core IP assets
  • IP management strategy that links to the commercialisation process
  • Valuation models to support decision-making and strategy